piątek, 29 listopada 2013

My idea of final game

Hi, I thinking how change GaV to create complete game from vehicle builder with is this game already. Game about vehicles will be sandbox, exploring game based on gathering minerals, converting them and crafting all needed elements. World for exploring will contains many of star systems with few planets  in each, to travel from one planet to other first player vehicle must achieve orbit (some hight above surface), next travel some distance in space and safe land on other planet. Travel from star to star need discover hyper drive, of course.
Almost all action (travelling, mining, fighting, gathering) will done with help of specialized, own made vehicles, robot character will have limited storage space for gather minerals so create vehicle with cargo container and mining tools is good idea. Some times environment (planets and space) can be hostly so add to vehicle some weapons also will be good idea.More advanced technologies will need some time and work to be able to use. 
In single player (I'm not sure about multi yet) game will be survival (robot can't stave, but it can be killed), exploring base with sandbox physics construction elements, like now.

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