poniedziałek, 28 października 2013

About version 0.2.5

Hi, now 28.10 20PM  I  uploading version 0.2.5 to Indeidb, after that each file on this portal must be authorized it take few hours.
Unfortunately new version don't contains all functionality what I've have plan to add. In this weekend (or latter) I try create version 0.2.7 it should add all missing thing and fix existing problems.
What is new in 0.2.5:
-Now bar and plate connectors can be selected line normal elements, by clicking in their middle, when connectors are selected it can be removed by Q key, also by inspector is option to change it colour and material
-Both type of connectors can have for now 4 materials: steel, wood, glass and bronze (for steampunk :), also it texturing work much better
-Game have main menu activated by ESC key, it allow to save/load things, create/join to multi, access to physics setting and exit game, new save game is now creating by menu, editor allow only to quick save
-Button now have sound, I will constantly adding new sound to game, also editor is more functional
-Now when game is started or loaded first you see is a robot you character, he can walk, jump and use jetpack by RMB. New vehicles is created in place when robot actually is by [C] key, by [F] key robot can sit on basic vehicle seat and drive / edit it. Character can get access to vehicle drive / edit when is close to it seat, sometimes jetpack can be useful.
-Multi-player isn't complete yet, now it's here mostly for testing, it's not allow to build and drive vehicles with others players, only robots can be steering right now and chat. To open chat window press [7] key, and to close network GUI press [8].
-In editor in up/right corner is button to remove vehicle from game, each vehicle can have own name changing by text field in middle/top
-In "script" folder in game directory is file "localization.txt" default it English language but can be replace by any other, but file name can't be changed.

Btw. GaV received second place (and distinction in 'best idea' and 'best technical solution' category) in contest name "Warsztat Sumer of Code 2013" organized by www.warsztat.gd biggest polish portal about game developing.

środa, 23 października 2013

Hi and welcome to GaV Devblog

Hi, I create this blog for easy inform about: future plans, new updates, new functionality and for create tutorials.

OK, first of all, many peoples ask me about date of release of version 0.2.5 - I will try add it in 28.10.13, exactly one month after previous version.

For now I implement basic functionality of muliplayer : create/join to game, player nicks, chat, each player control own robot who can walk. I must add also creating new vehicles by net and synchronization of adding elements to vehicles and its physics simulation.

New version allow to create any number of vehicles, each of then have separately editor/play mode so now only one vehicles per player is freeze during editing. When game is starting is only one robot/avatar and any vehicle, to create new press [C] key, that start edit mode in new construction. Also in robot character mode is option to change view from TPP to FPP by key [1] .

I change method of removing 'bar' and 'plate' type of connectors, previous must be selected 2 or 3 elements and pressed 2 key. Now each bar and triangle or quad shape of plate can be selected manually by clicking in middle of them, when connector is select simple press Q/Del key to remove it.

I working also on change game GUI, some of editor controls be placed on right side, game will have main menu and  new game menu with option to select one of few maps. And I want change  method of placing new none hull elements, it will be similar to this from Kerbal SP, new tank, reflector can be place on wall or roof, for example. Also I want add new type of none physics construction - buildings, they can't be moved but in large construction (over 200 elements) they don't affect to performance much.