wtorek, 19 listopada 2013

In near future

Hi, In next version I want add to game space environment and couple elements for building space ships. From new elements will be available: thrusters, reactors, gravity generator, lasers, rocket launchers, AA guns.
Space ships will be have six degree of freedom and will be moved by new type of thrusters and gyroscopes.  Differences between new thruster and normal rocket engine is that the first use energy and they can work with six opposite groups. If one thruster is directed to backward and marked as (z+) and second is directed to forward and marked as (z-) they can stop ship moving in forward axis by giving force to other direction than ship move. Also is option to add more thruster to add more turning force if gyroscopes are too weak.
Reactor will convert fuel to energy if ship need some or have free space in batteries.
Gravity  force generator will add some force to robot character in space.
Also I will add visualization of centre of mass position, it position will be snapping to grid for making balancing things easier

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