środa, 26 lutego 2014

About version 0.4

Hi, within a few week I want release new version (0.4), jump from the previous version was as high as 0.1 because new will add some big and important changes.

-Almost (if not) all element will be have a new, much better model, in addition to the much larger number of details functioning of the elements will also be more realistic. Big thanks for "sc17" who create new models.
-Each wheels will have own suppression with modified setting, wheels can be connect to other part of vehicle only from one side but wheels can be easily set as left or right
-Is new element to allow vehicle to swim - Float, fuel tank no longer able to float on the water 
-Physics of swimming and flying is now much better than previous
-Will be option to connect two physical part of vehicles by more than one joint type connector (by Joints, Pistons and new element Hinges)
-Canon and other weapons can be aimed by mouse, each gun will try turn his barrel to point where screen centre is pointing
- Editor GUI will be changed, on bottom of screen will be area with tabs for choosing element category and scrolled strip of element icon, most element will not have own hotkey, keyboard have too little keys
-New element will be added: Hinges, Ropes and Electromagnets.
-Hinge is connectors that give free rotation with limits in two axis, very useful to create chain, soft connector, advanced mechanism
-Rope element can connect two physics object by rope witch modified length
-Electromagnets will create temperate stable connection with other on, and after split can create attraction force to reconnect them again
-Also I think about fixing multiplayer and adding damaged (with elements that can be detached, exploding elements, critical hits, and armour penetration mechanism)

Btw. russian community make very nice boxshot

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